Keeping a Computer Maintenance Checklist Pays Off

pc matic review -screen shot 2The saying, a stitch in time saves nine, is most applicable when you consider keeping your computer in good running condition for a long time by drawing a computer maintenance checklist. Think of the many long hours you spend with your computer – having the pleasant experience of completing a task or even just browsing.

According to experts, doing routine maintenance will save you the trouble of irritating computer problems such as multiple crashes, program freeze, snags, or unresponsiveness from the eyboard or mouse. Allot specific time monthly to perform maintenance activities to keep your computer the best work companion you’ll ever have.

There are numerous items that help to maintain your computer, but here are some of the most recommended for preventive computer maintenance checklist that should be done periodically:

Empty the Recycle Bin – files that have been deleted are still stored in the recycle bin and eats up computer memory. Periodically empty your recycle bin to free up some space.

Delete Temporary Files – files that are created prior to the current day are temporary files with an extension .tmp. These files use a great space in the computer hard drive. It is best to delete all *.tmp before running ScanDisk and Defragmenter to save on time.

Delete Files beginning with a Tilde (~) – computer users are at times not aware that they have a lot of tilde files on their systems. Close all application programs before deleting tilde files.

Delete Old Zipped Files – these files are distinguished by the extension .zip. Most users unzip the files when they use it but forget to delete the .zip files. Remember that zipped files are large files and take up more computer space.

Delete Cache Files and Check Browser History – make sure that the user history files and Internet cache settings are properly set within the cache size. Deleting the cache files will speed up the download activities from the Web since more space will become available to store the temporary files.

Run ScanDisk and Defragmenter – it will benefit you a lot when you check your computer disk and make sure that the number or disk errors and the fragmentation percentage are within the tolerable range.

Always make a back up of all your files – it is better to be prepared than to be sorry losing your files.

Update Drivers as Necessary – it is best to install the latest drivers for your computer devices such as printer, sound card, video card, and modem.

Update your Operating System (OS) and other applications with the latest service packs or updates.

Update your Anti-Virus Software – this will save you a lot of money and time since a corrupt file will mean lost work and re-work.

Clean the Keyboard – make sure there are no dusts accumulating in your keyboard as well as on the back of the machine or wherever the cooling fan is located. This also applies to your mouse.

Make sure your computer is plugged into protected power sources or if you could provide for an uninterruptible power supply.

Clean the CD-ROM Drive – a dirty CD reader can cause programs to be installed to be corrupted.

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Remember keeping a well maintained computer maintenance checklist will serve you in a much perfect shape and for a longer period of time.