Computer Performance Test

check computer speed imageTesting the performance of your computer with the use of computer performance test provided free of charge by several websites will help you improve your computer and at the same time will let you now the cause for its slowdown.

But just like any machine, the performance of a computer can be gauged by its wear and tear and its age. The available free software offered by numerous websites will let you see errors on your computer which are not often noticed, especially if the computer is used only for surfing the Internet.

Computer Performance Test Provided Free by Websites

PC Pitstop is available at  – using this software will allow you to run a full scan of your computer for viruses, check your Internet speed, analyze the different processes of your computer , and check the ActiveX program. Visiting this website will also give you the chance to join forums and get information on slow computer performance. Topics offered in this website include tips ‘n’ tricks, fix my computer, Internet tests, viruses and spyware, and other technical topics that will widen your understanding on your computer performance.

PassMark Performance Test – this software can be used to check the overall performance of the computer for slow performance, Windows XP performance and Windows Vista performance. The software provides free computer speed test for 30 days only.

Speed Guide – with website The website provides computer speed test, tips and tricks to improve the slow performance of an XP computer and gives recommendations on how to increase computer speed. Reviews on different computer performance test software and devices are also available on this site.

Computer Diagnostic Software – using this software will help you test, monitor and optimize the performance of your computer. The software also allows you to view a directory of all the unneeded files that you can delete to speed up the computer performance.

Trend Micro House Call – a computer tester that is available on This program helps you detect and remove items such as malware, spyware, worms and viruses that cause the slowdown of your computer. It fixes the problems brought about by the malicious items and in the end improves the speed and performance of your computer.

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Conducting a thorough scan of your computer using one of these programs will take anywhere from several minutes to several hours, depending on the volume of items stored in your computer system. The result of the computer performance test yielded by any of this software will allow you to change your system settings and delete unnecessary files that will then improve the performance of your computer – speed and capacity.

Most of the available computer performance test come with a range of built-in baselines for computer comparison. These baselines can be downloaded, saved, and compared with your computer from the interface of the selected software.

Any of these software, after conducting a computer performance test will help computer users in deciding whether their computers are performing at the maximum or need upgrade. Comparative performance of different computers can also be obtained from the results of the computer performance test.