Check Computer Speed for Problems & Resolutions

check computer speed imageIf you have a sluggish and slow computer there are several ways to check computer speed and determine the problem. You have to also consider whether the slowness is due to a slow processor or do you have a slow internet connection.

Check Computer Speed for Possible Processor Issues

To check computer speed in relation to the processor there are several online products available. PC Matic, for instance, provides a speed testing application. Often you can run several free scans that will search through your computer and provide detailed reports and explanations.

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Easy to Use Software to Check Computer Speed

Fortunately for me, a novice, to be able to check computer speed this easily is a blessing. The reports that are produced are easy to read and offer simple solutions for fixing the problem. The fix is often as easy as clicking on a button and letting PC Matic to the work for you.

Some problems that often slow down your computer’s processor are typically:

  • A fragmented disk
  • Unnecessary Programs
  • Junk files & Duplicate files
  • Spyware, Malware & Viruses

What need is most commonly needed is computer cleaning software. Look for software that promises to do the following:

  • Speed Test to Determine Current CPU Capabilities
  • Security Threat Testing
  • Junk & Duplicate File Removal
  • Defrag Disk & Analysis
  • Find & Fix Corruptions or Errors
  • Optimization of your System
  • Detailed, Easy to Read Reports

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Check Computer Speed for Internet Connection Issues

Often slow internet connection could be related to your internet provider not a necessarily with your hardware. Call your provider to see what plan you currently have. They may offer you a better plan with a faster connection speed. It is always a good idea to check with other providers in your area. Some may offer faster connection capabilities with a lower monthly fee. It never hurts to ask.

By simply going online to a website that does internet connection speed testing. It may ask you to close any tabs you have currently open to provide a more accurate assessment. A program like PC Matic can also perform a connection speed test that will determine your internet connection download speed.

After running the internet connection speed test you will again be provided a detailed report. It will offer suggestions and solutions to achieve faster internet access. There are quite a few online sites that offer to boost your connection speed.

As we said above, check with your provider first. If you already have the fastest plan they offer then look into some of the sites online. But read consumer reviews or ask a “geek” friend (we all know one) what they suggest. A program that contains all the tools that can tune up your computer and also improve connection speed such as PC Matic is the most effective idea. There is nothing worse than wasting precious time waiting for your computer to upload a program or connect to the internet.

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