How To Clean Up Your Computer

pc matic review -screen shot 2Cleaning our computers does not mean the exterior surface only, it also refers to the hard drive and getting rid of unnecessary or unwanted programs that we have accumulated over the years. But you may be asking – how to clean up your computer – when you are neither a computer technician nor a computer savvy.

Cleaning the inside of your computer is now made possible and easy by software made available by computer specialists like Pc Matic. These software downloads are proven to be effective on how to make my computer faster as documented in Pc Matic review.

Cleaning your computer also means freeing valuable hard disk space. Many technology analysts believe that most computer users only use less than ten percent of the programs installed on their computers.

Software Downloads on How To Clean Up Your Computer

1.Defraggler – this program replaces the default defragging option that comes with Windows. It works much faster than the defragging program in Windows and it gives you the option to choose the files you want to defrag.

2.Pc Matic – it is compared to a Swiss Army Knife for it can do several computer cleaning tasks such as clean the system, find unnecessary files or programs, change settings and manage startup. nCleaner is easy to use and it explains all the changes it is making on your computer. It also recommends what settings to use and not use.

3.AVG Free – it is recognized as the best freeanti-virus available. It provides basic anti-virus protection as well as anti-spyware protection for your computer. It should be sufficient anti-virus protection for as long as you know your way around the Internet and what to avoid.

4.Spybot-Search and Destroy – is said to be one of the best programs to remove all spyware, making your computer more private and run faster. This is a must tool to have since spyware problem is prevalent – more and more computer users fall victim to spyware that collect many personal information embedded in your computer.

5.Ad-Aware 2008 – this tool takes care of malware problems by cleaning up and removing any malicious software that tends to slow down the performance of your computer.

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Other cleaning activities that will work with how to clean up your computer and help your computer work faster include: deleting unnecessary files such as temporary internet files and files with tilde (~) beginning; emptying your recycle bin; formatting disks and drives; cleaning your computer registry; and deleting your cookies.

Combining these software and clean up activities will give your computer a fresh start and make it function at maximum capacity for a longer period of time. Taking all the necessary precaution and prevention will make you worry less when it comes to your computer.

It is best to keep in mind that our computer is vulnerable against malicious attacks whenever we go online. Making sure that our virus protection and our anti-spyware programs are updated and enabled makes this less likely to happen. Be very selective when visiting unfamiliar sites. And never open attachments when the sender is not recognized!