Increase Computer Speed Fast & Easy

If you are looking for an affordably fast and easy fix to increase computer speed PC Matic is the answer. PC Matic is actually five products packed into one that is designed to speed up your computer.

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Run Scans to Increase Computer Speed

Quite often users believe there could be a problem with their hardware when in reality their computer just needs a good cleaning. PC Matic will run several scans throughout your computer and offer a report with suggestions on how to increase computer speed.

PC Matic is so easy to use that even a novice user can navigate through the instructions to find the most common issues that can affect a computer’s performance. For the more technologically gifted it is comprehensive enough to satisfy their need for to increase computer speed. This is a list of the 5 products included in their package:

1. Optimize
2. Disk MD
3. Driver Alert
4. Exterminate
5. Overdrive

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OPTIMIZE does exactly as the name infers, it will remove junk files, increase internet optimization, clean the registry and remove unnecessary programs. This cleans up all the clutter the tends to collect on your computer resulting in a faster and more efficient computer.

DISK MD is PC Pitstop’s disk health product that will run routine and automatic scans to keep your computer functioning at its peak level.

DRIVER ALERT allows you with just a click of a button to install the latest drivers. In an effort to keep your computer uncluttered it uninstall the old ones. Driver Matic does all this for you which is great for the novice.

EXTERMINATE has been aptly named as well. It will scan your computer for viruses, malware, Trojans and more and then eliminate them. This will clean and add security to your computer.

OVERDRIVE is an automated program that puts your computer through a series of health, configuration and performance tests. These tests will look for any potential issues to maintain your computer’s performance and efficiency. It does all this in just five minutes.

Each of the above products will send incredibly detailed reports that are comprehensive but at the same time easy enough for the novice user to read. Before each segment begins its cleaning or updating process it will give a list of changes or deletions that may be required. You will have the option to ask it not to delete certain programs or files that you feel are important to keep.

PC Matic offers free scans of your computer to see if this product is right for you.