Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing

pc matic review -screen shot 2Computer users are often faced with this dilemma – why does my computer keep freezing – it is a moment when you don’t have the ability to control your computer, lie the times when the keyboard or the mouse do not respond. There are also instances when a computer freezes before shutting down and is commonly called the blue screen of death (BSOD).

So, why does my computer keep freezing? There are several reasons why a computer freezes or stops working. Primarily, your computer will stop responding when all available resources have been used up, or a certain program or a piece of the connected hardware causes it to freeze.

Common Causes of Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing Problem

Maximum Usage of Random Access Memory (RAM) – this is an overload in the memory. Rememberr, computers have a set amount of memory to work with and attempting to do more than the computer’s capability of handling everything at one time will lead to freezing in an attempt to save itself. This kind of problem generally occurs when too many programs are running at the same time. Programs such as spreadsheets and those with graphics take up a lot of memory . Remember to close them when not in use. Computers with maximum memory installed in them may still freeze due to virus or malware.

Central Processing Unit (CPU) is Maxed Out at 100% - having several tabs open on the browser which have JavaScript functions running in the background will lead your computer to freeze. Your computer will max out its CPU when you are also on a website that has pop-up windows hidden behind your browser window.

Memory Chips May Have Loosened – this pertains more to a desktop than a laptop since memory chips of a laptop are held tightly by spring-loaded guides. However, laptops that have suffered a severe fall may experience loose memory chips.

Plugging of too Many Peripheral Devices – such as controllers, cameras, scanners, and printers will cause the computer to freeze or fail to boot. Avoid having too many devices attached to your computer when they are not in use.

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Other reasons why does my computer keep freezing problem may be one of the following that are generally categorized:

Defective or mismatched component in the computer – a good example would be a virus detector that conflicts with other applications and utilities. Observe which two programs cause the computer to crash or freeze, and avoid running them simultaneously.

Aluminum Migration or premature ageing and Electro Static Discharge (ESD) causes intermittent computer function and eventual freezing.

Operating System (OS) Problems – some version of the Operating System such as Windows have bugs that cause the computer to freeze.

Down-level drivers or also known as buggy can be the source of many computer problems including freezing.

Memory Fragmentation – the computer will send a message “System is dangerously low in resources” to prompt you to defrag. Defragging will move all related files to adjacent sectors to allow maximizing the efficiency of the computer’s hard drive space.

Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) Setting – Improper CMOS setting can be a possible cause of many computer problems and changing the CMOS settings can be a big help to diagnose some hardware problems.